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Cover your tracks

You can use the ‘hide page’ button to move away from this website at any time. It will take you to Google’s homepage.

Every time you visit a website, an electronic ‘footprint’ is stored on your computer allowing anyone to see the websites you have visited. If you’re worried about someone knowing you have visited this website, go to your browser history to delete these pages. The government’s Disrespect Nobody website has information on how to delete your browser history.

Please note: If you delete all browsing history, then other users of your computer may also notice their browsing history has been deleted, so think about the time period you wish to delete.

If you want to be completely sure of not being tracked online, the safest way would be to access the internet at a local library or at a friend’s house. Another option is to use the private browsing setting if you have one. Remember to return to normal browsing after you’ve finished if that is the normal setting on your computer / mobile phone.


Any email you have sent will be stored in your sent items folder. Go to this folder to delete it.

If you reply to any email, the original message will probably be in the body of the message. If you don’t want anyone to see the original message, delete the email.

When you delete an item in any email programme (for example, Outlook), it moves the item to a folder called ‘deleted items.’ You have to delete the items in the deleted items folder to remove them completely.

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